Some think KSU shows should be free to students

Michelle Bair

Diversity describes Kent students and their thoughts about entertainment.

Diversity describes Kent students and their thoughts about entertainment. Multiple events are offered on campus, but those who don’t attend have their reasons.

“I don’t know who Jay Sean is,” said Andy McEntee, a senior VCD major. “And I can’t say I’ve ever heard of DJ $crilla.”

Sophomore Justin Cephus, a sports medicine major, said he was excited about Jay Sean coming to Kent.

“I have heard of DJ $crilla,” said Cephus. “He’s done a couple of parties in Cleveland, where I’m from.”

Besides not knowing the rappers, time and money are issues as well.

McEntee said that students usually have to pay to see good speakers, bands and comedians when they come to Kent.

“It’s kind of (wrong),” he said. “Like when Flight of Conchords came last year, I couldn’t see them because it was like $50. My brother goes to OSU and he saw some big-named artists, like The Roots, for free.”

Some students say they are happy with events on campus, they just wish for more.

Rebecca Spott, a freshman nursing major, said she thought $10 was a good deal for her ticket to see Jay Sean and she was excited to see the comedians who performed last Friday in the Ratt.

Spott said that the campus should offer more events that interest more students.

“I know they have speeches and stuff in the Kiva,” she said. “But it’s not entertainment per se. I would like to see more big-named artists come to the M.A.C.”

Cephus said that he has fun in Kent, and he loves it, but he wishes there were more shows for students to showcase their talents, “like a talent show.”

Self-expression and variety draws different audiences to certain events.

Battle of the Bands, for instance, has a line-up of new bands that vary in style.

They will perform over a four-week period, in the Ratt, with hopes to win over the crowd that night. Attendance is free for students, and $2 for non-students.

The winning band from Wednesday’s “Acoustic Night” battle is Soaked In I, where Kahley Cleveland, Cody Ray Hays and Brett Juhasz performed as well.

Lack of awareness, interest, time and money are common factors for students who don’t participate in certain events—But there are more opportunities on campus than some may think.

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