Our View: Have a happy (and safe) Halloween

DKS Editors

Tis the eve of Halloween, and the streets are calm as local businesses prepare for Kent’s largest party of the year. Kent State students are busy putting the final touches on their scary, scandalous and humorous costumes. And the Kent Police Department is preparing for the thousands who will be roaming the streets.

Kent Halloween is a tradition that has built a reputation as the biggest Halloween celebration in Northeast Ohio, rivaling Ohio University’s popular campuswide party.

It will be a fun weekend for everyone, but here is some advice for all partygoers:

Be responsible. You are all adults, and you should be mature even while having fun. Know your limits; if you decide to consume alcohol this weekend, don’t drink too much. Don’t start fights; it will not be worth the consequences in the end.

Be aware. Know your surroundings, and be conscious of everything going on around you. There will be a lot of out-of-towners here, and in many instances they are the ones who cause the trouble.

Be healthy. If you choose to drink, do not over-consume. Also, with swine flu lurking in Kent, you want to avoid sharing bottles or cups. And no, the alcohol in your beverages cannot kill the virus. Next time you decide to share a cup with someone, think about all the germs and viruses that could be on the cup.

Remember, the police in Kent are not out to get students. They may have very intimidating gear, but they are just preparing for the people who decide to make unwise decisions and harm others. If you are dressing like an officer for the festivities, avoid imitating them. Give them some respect; they are here to protect you.

When making plans this weekend, remember that once you leave Kent it is unlikely you will ever experience a Halloween of this magnitude again. Enjoy it while it lasts. Kent State’s Halloween is a unique celebration that many other schools don’t get to experience. So when you go out on Saturday, don’t abuse your right to party – but have fun. Make it one of the best moments of your college years.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board whose members are listed to the left.