Who wins on Saturday? Let’s take a look at the intangibles

Josh Johnston

Kent State and Bowling Green have a lot in common. The two schools are like the Olsen twins in “Full House” – You could substitute one for the other at any time, and no one would know the difference.

Both schools were founded in 1910 under the Lowry Bill. Both are in suburban towns. Both have birds for mascots. You get the idea.

Since our football reporter Nick Walton’s job is to cover the team, I’m taking a look at the “intangibles” no one else cares about. Everything from the marching band to both schools’ campuses.

Using my native knowledge of both universities – I grew up in a farm town outside BG, it’s close enough – and a few shady assumptions, here’s how Saturday’s sister school showdown will play out:

• Stadium name: Bowling Green’s Doyt L. Perry Stadium is named after a former football coach who led the Falcons to five Mid-American Conference titles in 10 years. Dix Stadium is named after Robert C. Dix. I don’t think I need to elaborate here.

• Winner: Bowling Green. Falcons QB Tyler Sheehan rushes 80 yards for a touchdown on the first play. BG 7, Kent State 0.

• Marching band: I’ve seen the Falcon Marching Band at away games playing in the away fan section. Most Kent State fans probably don’t even realize Kent State has a marching band. And that’s coming from a former KSUMGF member.

• Winner: Bowling Green. QB Spencer Keith’s pass is picked off and returned for a touchdown as “Ay Ziggy Zoomba” is heard in the corner of the stadium. BG 14, Kent State 0.

• Mascot: Both are birds, sort of. But the Flash actually looks like a bird. Freddie and Frieda Falcon kind of remind me of the flying monkeys from “The Wizard of Oz.”

• Winner: Kent State. Kicker Freddy Cortez nails a long field goal. BG 14, Kent State 3.

• Colors: Sure, blue and gold is generic – two other MAC schools are also blue and gold – and no other college boasts orange and brown. Well, maybe there’s a reason for that.

• Winner: Kent State. “Speedy” Terry leaves a trail of orange and brown in his wake as he crosses into the end zone. BG 14, Kent State 10.

• Fans: Neither school does well in this department. BG has been on the NCAA’s hit list for its low attendance. Superfan’s screams usually echo around a mostly empty Dix Stadium, but at least KSU still has her.

• Winner: Kent State. Freddie and Frieda double-team Flash in a mascot smackdown as Keith finds Dri Archer for a TD. Kent State 17, BG 14.

• Campus: Kent State has rolling hills, funny-looking buildings and a really tall library. Bowling Green has a graveyard, funny-looking buildings (one shaped like a piano) and a really tall library. And you can see into Toledo if you stand on a phonebook in the middle of campus.

• Winner: Bowling Green. BG kicker Jerry Philips connects to tie the game. Kent State 17, BG 17.

So there you have it folks, a draw. Would you expect anything less? Kent State and Bowling Green really are the sisters of the MAC. And as Eddie Erdelatz once said, “A tie is like kissing your sister.”

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