KSU merchandise may appear on ‘Glee’

Lydia Coutré

Faculty may win prizes for spotting items

Photo courtesy of Fox

Credit: DKS Editors

FOX TV’s new show, “Glee,” may be bringing Kent State some publicity.

The university, along with other Ohio colleges, was asked to send in paraphernalia for the set to decorate the guidance office. The items may or may not be on the show.

University Communications and Marketing is sponsoring a contest through September for faculty and staff members who can spot any Kent State paraphernalia on the show.

To enter, staff can send an e-mail to [email protected] specifying when and where in the show they spotted the items. The first two e-mails received each week – which will be checked by time stamp – will receive a prize of a Kent State travel mug.

Kimberley Sirk, editor for e-Inside, said they are running the contest “to create some interest in Kent State paraphernalia appearing in other places.”

“Glee,” which premiered on Fox Sept. 9, is based in Lima in a fictional high school where teacher Will Schuester sets out to save the school’s Glee Club.

Faculty and staff can search for paraphernalia Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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