Mud tuggers welcome the rain

Kate Sheafer

Greek students get dirty for dollars

Members of Tau Kappa Epsilon participate in Alpha Phi’s first Mud Tug event Saturday afternoon to raise money for the Alpha Phi Foundation. Brittany Ankrom | Daily Kent Stater

Credit: DKS Editors

Cold, rainy weather didn’t stop Alpha Phi’s mud tug event on Saturday afternoon – it enhanced it.

Sixteen six-member teams competed in the sorority’s muddy tug-o-war to raise money for the Alpha Phi Foundation.

“[The foundation] is pretty much Alpha Phi’s international foundation,” said Julie Protich, Alpha Phi’s vice president of programming. “They help sisters by giving different scholarships you can apply for and help the sorority grow overall.”

Each team paid a $30 entry fee, and spectators were asked to donate $4 to watch the event. Alpha Phi’s organizer for the event, Lizzie Smith, said the sorority raised about $600 from the event, which she said was “a great start for Alpha Phi this year.”

Though the event was open to anyone on campus, most teams hosted all-Greek lineups. Even some Greek alumni came out to help the cause.

“They have small prizes for the winning teams,” said Delta Upsilon alumnus Steve Eickelman. “It’s just about the charity today, though, and raising money for it.”

By 1:30 p.m., the thoroughly converted Manchester Field was filled with the shouting of mud-covered competitors tugging for victory. The sorority had arrived earlier that morning to create the mud pit, which included a staked-down tarp topped with mud-covered burlap.

“We couldn’t use the water here,” Protich said. “So we had to have girls keep running to the house to fill up huge containers of water, and we’d all run back and forth to pour it on top of the mud. We had to make the mud ourselves.”

In the men’s bracket, team Yank my Chain, which was one of the few non-Greek teams, took the trophy, while HODT, a mix of fraternity members and students, took second place.

The women’s final pitted sisters against sisters as Chi Omega Red faced Chi Omega Yellow. In the end, the red team out-tugged the yellow and claimed the trophy.

“It was a lot of fun going against other girls from my sorority,” said Brittany Barnes, a member of Chi Omega’s winning team. “We knew that no matter what, and no matter who won, it’s all for the same sorority. It was healthy competition.”

In the end, Protich deemed the event successful and said the sorority plans to continue the tradition.

“I’d give it a 10,” she said. “Even if we didn’t raise a dollar, it’s a fun event for everyone. We’re hoping we can keep it up and make it even bigger next year.”

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