Reporter’s notes: Lessons on arts, life and leisure

Pamela Crimbchin

The arts, life and leisure section of the Daily Kent Stater is not just to promote bands and movies. It is here to encourage college students to take a moment from their busy classes and enjoy life. As we wrap up for the semester and head off to enjoy our summers, we want to remember all three components of ALL are important, and each has its own lessons to offer up.

Art is everywhere

Art surrounds us every day, whether it is listening to a favorite song on the radio or looking at a photograph you took with your friends after a long night. Even if the people in the picture are out of focus and off to one side, the photograph is still art. It’s a snapshot of an experience that 30 years from now will be hard to remember without that photograph.

The music we listen to shapes our moods and the world we live in. Everything from the clothes you wear to what you believe in can be altered by what music you listen to.

Plays and movies tell us stories about worlds we have never dreamed of. They take us through the fairy tales where the boy always gets the girl and the best friends actually stay best friends forever. If nothing else, they are an escape from the class lectures that can take up so much of our day.

Learn to appreciate the art that exists in your life, and explore other art that may seem strange to you.

Life is short

Life happens in the blink of an eye. This semester I’ve had ups – like completing my first half-marathon – and downs – like the loss of my grandmother.

The one thing losing my grandmother has taught me is to always forgive and forget. OK, so-and-so did this-and-that to you at that party. Who cares? Get over it, and move on. In a couple years when you are no longer a residence of Kent, that person may mean nothing to you, or he or she could be your best friend.

Just have fun! Explore an abandoned house, grab a cup of coffee or scuba dive with seals; whatever it is, do it now. Don’t pass up the opportunities that are available to you at this age.

College students are young, energetic opportunity seekers. Most of us do not have husbands, wives or children yet and should take this time to do what we want. No one wants to be asking themselves “What if?” when they are 50 years old.

Leisure is a necessity

Relax sometime. Don’t stress over the sight-singing test in musical theory. The important thing is to prepare, and then reward yourself. Buy that magazine to find out “10 things he wants to say but can’t.” Read a book you actually want to read and will enjoy. Go on a bike ride downtown with friends. Take an extra-long nap on a rainy day. Without leisure, there is no happiness. Without happiness, what’s the point of life?