Activist groups to show film supporting arrested protesters

Kent Anti-Racist Action and Kent State Anti-War Committee are taking part in a national day of solidarity to defend the RNC 8.

Eight protesters, known as the RNC 8, were arrested at the Republican National Convention in Minnesota last September after the FBI built a case against them as terrorists.

“Terrorizing Dissent,” a documentary about the event, will be shown at 7 p.m. tonight in Room 317 of the Student Center. A brief discussion will follow the film.

Lisa Mirkovich, a member of Anti-Racist Action, said the group is close to this situation because it was in Minnesota for the conference and met those who were arrested.

Mirkovich said the groups came together because if the eight are convicted, they will spend 10 years in jail simply for arranging a discussion.

“If they are convicted, it will affect our organizations from here on out, when a nonviolent and peaceful protest can’t be organized publicly when the state is against it.”

-Melissa Dilley