Army cadet receives prominent marshall award

Rachel Polchek

Lt. Col. Ricardo Mitchell presents the Marshall Award to Cadet Lucy Bednarz. The award is given to the most outstanding army cadet in the country. Bednarz was selected from almost 300 students to receive the award. Glennis Siegfried | Daily Kent Stater

Credit: DKS Editors

Army ROTC cadet Lucy Bednarz attended the George C. Marshall ROTC Award Seminar this past week to be recognized for her outstanding work as a cadet.

Each year top senior cadets attending universities with an ROTC detachment are chosen to attend the seminar.

“It’s easy for us to say (Bednarz) is top in her class,” Lt. Col. Joe Paydock said. “The dedication she has is incredible.”

This year the seminar was held April 14-17 at the Virginia Military Institute located in Lexington, Va.

While at the award seminar, cadets from across the United States met with top military personnel to encourage and continue ROTC excellence, Bednarz said.

There were guest speakers at each meal. In between meals cadets participated in round-table discussions.

Cadets also attended short question-and-answer presentations, Bednarz said.

While at the seminar, Bednarz met up with a cadet with whom she had gone to Germany with.

“It was a happy reunion,” she said. “You never know who you’re going to see again.”

Bednarz, a nursing major, admits she was nervous about missing school all week, but she had a memorable experience at the seminar.

“I didn’t realize what an honor it was until I got there,” she said.

Receiving an award at the Marshall award seminar is not something a cadet can necessarily strive for, Paydock said.

“We’re looking for a person with solid moral character,” he said. “We look for good leaders who are comfortable with who they are and their abilities. We want someone who is comfortable in their own skin.”

These are things cadets can’t train for, Paydock said.

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