KSU Repairman doubles as a church pastor

Heather Scarlett

WATCH a day in the life of Mike Adams, pastor and repairman.

After years of working as an assistant pastor, Mike Adams, opened his own church, Charity Baptist, in Kent. Adams doubles as a maintenance repairman for the university so repairing machines and people goes hand-in-hand for the fix-it man.

Adams has worked for Kent State University since 1996 and started his church in 2001, but continued to work for the university because his congregation needed time to grow, he said.

“My church is too small to support me as of right now, so I’m praying about the Lord providing an open door for me to be a full-time pastor,” Adams said.

Adams works for KSU 40-hours a week and then preaches four times a week three times on Sunday and once on Thursday evenings, he said.

Adams works his Christian teachings into his daily life and his work at Kent State by keeping a New Testament Bible in his tool bag and biblical flash cards in his locker.

He also makes an effort to reach the student population with his Christian beliefs by having them take surveys during his lunch break in Risman Plaza.

The Lord took away his fear to go out and start a church on his own, Adams said, and put the desire and guidance in his heart to open Charity Baptist Church.