Just press play

Meghan Bogardus

Editor’s Note: In a continuous effort to bring you, the reader, fun pieces you can use, we’ve decided to include a playlist from a different staff member each week. We all have different music tastes, and we’re hoping some of our selections might just make their way onto your iPod.

“Free Fallin'” by John Mayer

As a girl who grew up on Tom Petty, it is almost impossible to say somebody could possibly do his iconic “Free Fallin'” any better. However, Mayer comes pretty close with his bluesy live version, making it one of my favorite songs of all time.

“Strawberry Swing” by Coldplay

With the album “Viva La Vida,” Coldplay once again proves that they just get better with time. “Strawberry Swing” exhibits Chris Martin’s lyrical ability and features a slightly exotic sound.

“Title and Registration” by Death Cab For Cutie

“Title and Registration” pretty much sums up my love of Death Cab For Cutie. It begins, strangely enough, with “the glove compartment is not accurately named…” and goes on to telling the story of a lost love. To me, this is iconic of Death Cab’s story-telling ability with often silly premises.

“Will You Return” by The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers are probably the only band that could ever get me to appreciate the banjo. But with this and some folksy harmonizing, this song has easily become one of my favorites.

“Sleep Through The Static” by Jack Johnson

Though famous for his sometime silly love songs like “Banana Pancakes,” Jack Johnson’s “Sleep Through The Static” is a tongue-tying social commentary song that suggests “we went beyond where we should have gone.”

“Show You How” by The Killers

My favorite part of this song coming from The Killer’s album, “Sawdust” is the realistic beginning with just Brandon Flowers screeching a melodic voicemail message. Everything after that just gets even better.

“Float On” by Goldspot

While the original Modest Mouse version of this song was pretty great, this upbeat version makes me really believe “we all float on OK.”

“Big Jumps” by Emiliana Torrini

If there was any song that I would willingly wake up to every morning, it is this one. Though simple, it the most upbeat and infectious song I have ever heard.