Kent State’s ironman

Chris Gates

Senior Jordan Mincy is about to set

Standing at 5-foot-11 and 175 pounds, the term “iron man” probably doesn’t seem to fit senior guard Jordan Mincy – but that’s exactly what he’s been for the Kent State men’s basketball team in his four-year career.

Since the start of his freshman year, Mincy has played in every single game for the Flashes. Yesterday against Akron, Mincy tied former Kent State player Bryan Bedford for the most career games played in Mid-American Conference history (132).

Known as a defensive specialist for much of his time at Kent State, Mincy has opened up his game offensively down the stretch this year and has helped turn the season around.

Here’s a look at his thoughts on this season, his career and life after Kent State basketball:

You’ve found your shooting touch recently. Were you ever hesitant to shoot the ball and try and create things offensively in the past?

Yeah. (There were) different circumstances, a tighter rope. It’s not like that this year, as opposed to the past.

How confident are you now to take chances offensively?

I’m real confident. I feel like if I’ve got a shot and I’ve got time to shoot it, then, yeah, I’ll knock it down.

You’re on pace to play the most games ever in Kent State men’s basketball history. How have you been able to be such a durable and dependable player year after year?

Oh really? I didn’t even know. I don’t know. I guess God willing; God has just blessed me to stay injury free so far (knocks on the M.A.C. Center floor).

People consider you a defense-first type of player. Do you enjoy having that tag with your name?

I love it. Defense wins games. Offense. there’s a lot of offensive players out there. Defense, I think, when you get down to the nitty gritty, that’s when you win games.

You’ve played so many games at Kent State and so many at Quicken Loans Arena for the MAC Tournament. How comfortable do you feel at the “Q”?

I think my record there, overall, has been 7-1. So I think I’d have to say that’s like our second home compared to the M.A.C. Center.

Looking back on your career, do you have a favorite moment?

I’d probably say my freshman year when we played Akron here. Just locking up Dru Joyce in the second half would probably be one of my favorite moments here.

What has your experience been like this year compared to your first three seasons?

I think it was a changing year, a year of development. (It’s been) a year of just trying to maintain and stay on top, and at the same time, just getting new guys to come along. It’s been interesting.

I’ve enjoyed this year. I think it’s been one of the most fun years I’ve ever had here. I know I’ve had the most fun this year, my senior year. I’ve been more relaxed (with) better circumstances and (a) better environment.

What’s it been like playing with Al Fisher for the past two seasons?

Al’s a blessing. A guy coming in with his type of talent… and just to come in and take big shots and do the things he can do, it’s kind of amazing. Especially the way he just came out of nowhere. I’m glad he’s my teammate and I’m glad I’m going to be graduating with him as well.

Being that you’ve been such a big part of the program for such a long time, what do you want your lasting image to be with Kent State fans?

Defensive stopper. All-around guy.

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