KSU Students Train For New Program, Destination Kent

Aubrey Haskins

WATCH a video about the new program.

The transition from high school to college can be a difficult one.

That is why Kent State University has formed a new program called Destination Kent to help students with the transition.

The program is an overnight program that will give incoming students a chance to see what it is like to spend the night at a college and also get some one on one time with an advisor to make their fall schedule.

This program would not be possible though, without the help of students and student teachers.

Junior Allison Kukral knows how hard this transition can be, and that is why she is getting trained to help advise the incoming freshmen.

Allison feels she would be a perfect fit for someone who can help with the freshmen.

“I have a lot of enthusiasm about the program I am doing so hopefully that will rub off on the freshmen.”

Kukral had a rough first semester herself.

She did not get along with her roommate and she also had a time meeting new people with such a large university.

Kukral is taught by two student trainers.

KSU student and trainer, Amanda Ryba, will teach her students how to work with the freshmen when they come for their overnight visit.

“There will be 25 students who they are going to be calling flash guides, who will live in the resident assistants rooms in East Way.”

The freshmen will be staying in Easy Way dorms when they are staying the night, and the Resident Assistants will be there if the students need anything.

Amanda says the class is like any other class.

“We have a handbook, and normally take two classes to go over each chapter.”

KSU student and trainer, Danica Terlitsky feels they are doing an excellent job teaching the students how to deal with the freshmen.

“We teach them the skills and communication they will need to know to be able to deal with the freshmen.”

Kukral feels she is learning quality information in this course.

“We learn how to help them find things on campus and how to guide them.”

Kukral knows it is going to be a hard transition and says they are just there to help them get through it.