Editor’s notes: ‘New’ weight gain is getting a little old

Denise Wright

Unless you’ve been barricaded in with no television this past week, you’ve obviously heard all the fuss about Jessica Simpson’s weight gain.

You’ve also probably seen the photos plastered across the covers of “People” and “In Touch Weekly,” among others. You may have even heard President Obama’s comments on the issue or read the countless blogs defending Jessica’s new shape.

Call me crazy or maybe just logical, but is it really that big of a deal? (No pun intended). So Jessica’s gained a few pounds. People do that. And I could point out that when everyone else gains weight, it doesn’t make headlines on FOX News, but I understand she’s a celebrity, so naturally more people are going to talk.

The thing I have an issue with is that there really isn’t much to talk about. She’s gained probably close to 15, maybe 20, pounds. She’s still not “fat.” She was around a size two before the gain, so putting on that weight might make her…oh, I don’t know…barely over average-sized?

It probably doesn’t help that she lost so much weight for the role of Daisy Duke before, making her seem larger now. And maybe those high-waisted pants and the two belts she’s wearing in the pictures don’t make for the most flattering outfit. But this negative outpouring still seems unjustified.

Yet, knowing the Simpson family, this will all be turned around within the next few weeks. Here’s what will happen: Jessica divulges some unhappy detail in her life that caused her to gain the weight, which has actually already happened. Apparently, she’s concerned about how people will react to her new country album. Next, America roots for her to get well and avoid her unhealthy self-proclaimed “nervous eating.”

This story is starting to sound a bit like a Britney Spears biography, but I digress. What will then occur is Jessica will endorse some weight loss product, make a quick dollar and get a lot more public attention. Headlines will read “How Jessica Simpson Got Her Daisy Duke Body Back” and “Jessica Back to a Healthy Size 2.”

Interestingly enough, Jessica seems to make headlines like those often (see Us Weekly, every other issue). Remember when she lost 20 pounds for the Daisy Duke role, and the world stopped? Well, some people’s worlds. Simpson wasn’t always a size two, but suddenly it’s important now for some reason unknown to me.

Ultimately, this is just another weight gain period that will be a blip on the radar and a way for Jessica to gain more attention and maybe even money. She already has people talking, right? I’m wasting my time writing a column about it. President Obama brings it up in interviews. Meanwhile, Jessica’s probably getting the biggest laugh of us all.

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