Library hosts 3rd annual Library Live!

Joe Zucker

Libraries and Media Services will hold its third annual Library Live! tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Library Live! is a one-day conference at the University Library for teachers and graduate students, providing them with hands-on learning and research. Throughout the day, various sessions and workshops will be held that help support teaching and research. The teachers can pass on what they learn to future or current students.

Sessions range from combating plagiarism, the truth about Wikipedia, writing and research services, e-Portfolios and electronic book collections, among others.

New sessions for this year include Statistical and Qualitative Software and Services; Rx for MEDLINE: Introduction to PubMed; The Library and WebCT Vista; Help on the Way: Writing and Research Services in the Library; Exploring the Digital Media Center and ARTstor.

The sessions and materials discussed at last year’s Library Live! are available on the library’s Web site.

-Joe Zucker