Diverse local bands prepare to rock the Rathskeller stage for RattFest concert

Katie Young

Ten bands will share the stage at RattFest at 4 p.m. tomorrow in the Rathskeller. The All Campus Programming Board-sponsored event is free to Kent State students and $2 for the public.


&bull The Climate

&bull Positive

&bull Underdogs of Nipomo

&bull General Ledger

&bull Signals Midwest

&bull Two Hand Fools

&bull Scarlet Fever

&bull Asinine

&bull Sok!

&bull Apogee

“Hopefully people will have fun, but also find out about bands they’ve never heard of,” said Rathskeller programmer Alex Tucker. He said the underlying theme for the show is do-it-yourself local bands, and there is a lot of diversity within the lineup.

Max Stern, guitarist for Signals Midwest, said he is excited to play with an eclectic group of musicians.

“It’s cool that so many different genres of music are coming together,” he said.

Signals Midwest describes its sound as pop-punk with reggae and soul influences.

Because of a scheduling conflict, the trio will be reduced to a duo for tomorrow night. “It will definitely be a lot quieter,” Stern said. “It will be different from any show we’ve ever played.”

Brett Olsen, also known as General Ledger, is one of a few acts who calls Kent home. Olsen, who plays acoustic guitar and sings, said people can expect a few bad jokes along with his set. While RattFest is his first show at the Rathskeller, he said he is excited for a different reason.

“I am mostly looking forward to playing a show with my friends,” he said.

Stern has similar feelings.

“We know almost all the other people playing,” he said. “It’s nice not to worry about selling tickets. We can just have a good time and play for each other and our friends.”

– Katie Young