Third time’s the charm for fashion student

Jessica M. Kanalas

Rejected twice, sophomore on her way to New York

Sophomore fashion merchandising major Kerry Enright works on her homework in a residence hall. Her recent acceptance to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York means she will be transferring mid-year to New York City for the spring semester. Jessi

Credit: DKS Editors

It’s taken Kerry Enright three attempts to get accepted into the school of her dreams.

Enright, a sophomore fashion merchandising major, was rejected entry twice from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

However, the rejections didn’t hinder her spirit or persistence to get into the school she wanted to attend. That persistence paid off when she received her acceptance letter this semester.

“Knowing more can only help,” she said acknowledging her two years already spent in Kent State’s fashion program.

The Fashion Institute of Technology is a prestigious school in the heart of New York. It’s career-focused and really hands-on, Enright said.

“It’s geared towards the fast-paced fashion education,” she said. “It will give me more experience and greater opportunities. It’s in the fashion mecca.”

Enright has only been to New York City once with Teen Vogue, a popular magazine for teenagers, where she attended seminars with fashion professionals and famous designers. Because of the one-time visit, she admitted to being a bit scared for the move.

“It’s a good scary,” she said, “one that will push you to see who you really are.”

At the Fashion Institute of Technology, Enright will study fashion merchandising because it aligns with her career goals. She wants to buy clothes and pick pieces from shows for a fashion line with a big company, she said.

With each application, Enright had to write an essay among other things. Because Enright will be a transfer, she didn’t need a portfolio with her application. She had to send her essay along with her transcript, grades and test scores.

“I think having a year under my belt really gave me a leg-up on the competition,” she said.

The documents were the easier part of transferring, Enright said. Housing is where her nerves kick in.

“Mid-year transfer means limited housing. The cost is a lot more expensive too,” she said.

Enright said her parents are proud of her for her persistence and her acceptance, even if it is financially tougher.

Her roommate, Lisa Mieskoski, a sophomore pre-business management major, supports Enright’s accomplishments and her decision to leave Kent State at the end of this semester.

“She has worked really hard to get to where she is at,” Mieskoski said. “It’ll be sad to see her go, but I know it will be best for her future.”

Because of the prestige of the school, so far only four credits from the past two years have been deemed transferable.

“But the added stress is worth it,” Enright said smiling. “And even if none of my credits transferred, I’d still be elated to go.”

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