USG to improve positions

Nicole Stempak

Bey asks directors to evaluate their roles

Executive Director Jonathan Bey wants to know what works – and what doesn’t – for Undergraduate Student Government directors.

Bey asked directors at yesterday’s USG meeting to compare their job experiences with the descriptions as listed in the bylaws. He said he also wanted to know any limitations directors were facing and suggestions for improvements by the end of the semester.

“(A review is) especially important this year because it’s new,” he said. “When we wrote the bylaws, the decisions probably weren’t made realistically. We need to actually work in practice as opposed to theory.”

Members reviewed their positions last year but on a much smaller scale, Bey said, adding they were also writing the current bylaws at the time.

“This year, it will be more than past years because this is the first year anyone has ever done these jobs,” he said.

Bey also said applications will be available next week for the USG elections commission.

&mdash Nicole Stempak