Dating Doctor Kicks off Sextoberfest

Cody Francis

The real-life ‘Hitch’ discusses the best, worst pick-up lines

The Dating Doctor, otherwise known as the real-life ‘Hitch’, David Coleman kicked off Sextoberfest activites last night in the KIVA. His first time speaking at Kent State, he took the opportunity to give the audience some advice on new relationships. SHAY

Credit: DKS Editors

Even though the movie “Hitch” closely mirrors the life of David Coleman, he could not name his favorite pick-up line. However, Coleman could name the worst pick-up line he ever heard.

“I might not be the best looking guy in this place, but I sure am the only one talking to you,” Coleman said.

Coleman, also known as “America’s real-life Hitch,” spoke to students last night in the Kiva as part of Sextoberfest. He talked about issues in using pick-up lines.

The “Dating Doctor” said “Hitch” is basically a mirror of his own life minus the “Hollywood theatrics.”

“The only difference between the movie and myself is I look more like Kevin James than I do Will Smith,” Coleman said.

He said he was hired by Sony Motion Pictures to promote the movie when they started production.

“About eight years ago someone saw one of my speeches, and wrote a screenplay that eventually was picked up,” he said. “Then they hired me on to promote the movie.”

Coleman said he did not have any complete failure stories from his clients, but he did reference a “charming and adorable” story of an embarrassing moment.

“I told a client when getting on an elevator, ‘remember, you’re awesome, you’re awesome.’ Moments later, three gorgeous women stepped on the elevator and he looked at them and said ‘I’m awesome, I’m awesome,'” he said.

lp students with common dating mistakes. Some of his tips were to never mistake infatuation for love and the person less invested in a relationship always has control.

He said his goal was to help every student meet their “hmm.”

“Your hmm is someone who stops you completely in your tracks and makes you think ‘hmm,'” Coleman said.

He guaranteed almost every student in the audience had met a person like that before, but not everyone tried to make contact with him or her. He said most people do not have a plan of attack for that moment, and some feel that person is out of their league.

He wanted no student to ever be in that situation again.

“This has to stop and it has to stop now,” Coleman told the audience.

He said one way to do this is to “be like the fat penguin and just break the ice.”

Throughout the program, Coleman and the audience played the “pick up line challenge,” where any student could challenge him to finish a pick up line.

He talked about a pick-up line he had heard only one week earlier from a man who had a woman just stand up and walk away from him after he said it.

“It might look like a needle, but it works like a sewing machine.”

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