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On Friday’s article, “Arrest near campus”:

Who cares if it wasn’t a real gun? If you’re going around waving anything that even looks like it could be a real gun in people’s windows, you should be arrested. The balcony doors on the first floor in these buildings are creepy enough. I’ve seen people go in these doors when they get home, leaving them unlocked. Maybe I’m paranoid, but anyone could walk around trying to open these doors, find an unlocked one and easily break into people’s apartments. I’d feel uneasy seeing someone with “just a pellet gun” standing there too.

&mdash Chris S.

On Friday’s article, “Arrest near campus”:

Chris, I agree completely. I live on the 7th floor for that reason! At least then I know the only way someone can come in is if I forget to double lock my door, and I never do. Also, you are right, if you are waving something around that looks like a gun and you make people feel unsafe and uncomfortable, you should be punished. It’s not like pellet guns don’t hurt! Because they sure do!

&mdash Leora