Disney’s ‘guilty pleasure’ hits the big screen

Sara Scanes

“High School Musical 3: Senior Year” generates mixed feelings from Kent students

“High School Musical 3: Senior Year” opens in theaters nationwide today and, based on the success of the first two films, theaters are bracing for a possible big hit.

A representative from Kent Plaza Theatres said it will open the film on two screens in anticipation of the crowds.

Teenagers, however, may not be the only ones flocking to theaters to watch the two main characters Troy, played by Zac Efron, and Gabriella, played by Vanessa Hudgens, make their big-screen debut. Some Kent State students are also excited about “High School Musical” hitting the big screen.

Freshman Spanish major Nick Allison said he is excited to see the series’ transition to the big screen.

“I saw the first two and loved them,” Allison said. “They’re so cute!”

Associate sociology professor Richard Adams said college students may be drawn to the overall theme of the movies.

“I certainly think that there is a part of American culture that roots for the underdog, and certainly if that underdog doesn’t come from a privileged background and beats the privileged kids,” Adams said. “As far as ‘High School Musical’ goes, songs, dancing and performance add another aspect that appeals to the college crowd.”

Junior musical theater major Carson Ross said he appreciates the films because they are “getting people excited about musicals at a time when theater seems to be dying out.”

Freshman theater major Zach Reisig, who appeared in Tallmadge High School’s 2007 stage production of “High School Musical,” agrees with Ross.

“Even though people deny ever liking ‘High School Musical,’ it is always a guilty pleasure,” he said.

But not all students are as excited about the movie’s appearance on the silver screen, including freshman theater major Sarah Coon.

“I’m sick of seeing it everywhere,” Coon said. “I can’t pass out candy at Halloween this year for fear of finally snapping and strangling a 6-year-old dressed as Zac Efron.”

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