A Tuesday Veteran’s Day alters students’ plans for a long weekend away from KSU

Ben Wolford

Classes in session Nov. 10

For campus resident Melissa Fowler, it would be nice to go home for Veteran’s Day weekend.

Only this year, there is no Veteran’s Day weekend. Classes will be in session Monday, Nov. 10 but not Nov. 11, Veteran’s Day.

“If I would have had Monday off, I would probably have gone home and stayed home,” said Fowler, a sophomore psychology major who lives in Sandusky. “What am I going to do Tuesday – sit in my dorm room and do nothing?”

According to a statement from the administrative offices, because Veteran’s Day is a federal holiday, it is observed on the day it falls unless it lands on a weekend.

If Nov. 11 is a Saturday, Veteran’s Day is observed the Friday before, and if it’s a Sunday, the Monday after.

The Tuesday observance this year is an unfortunate circumstance for some students.

Sophomore architecture major Max Chiantis lives on campus and said he probably would have gone home if it were a long weekend.

“I’m not going to skip my classes, but he will,” Chiantis said, pointing a finger at a laughing Anthony Monaco.

“Most people would probably want to go home,” said Monaco, sophomore flight technology major. “And we didn’t even get a fall break. That would have been a good opportunity to have one.”

University officials would not have considered calling off classes Nov. 10, according to the administrative statement.

Ezra Ferguson, freshman computer technology major, commutes to campus every day. A Tuesday off is just one more day he doesn’t have to drive to school, he said.

“I plan for the weekend, and anything extra is just another day off,” Ferguson said. “It would be nice to have Monday off, but I’m not heartbroken.”

Since 1938, Veteran’s Day has been a legal holiday. It comes on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, on the anniversary of the armistice ending World War I.

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