Costumes and transsexuals abound at ‘Rocky Horror’ tonight

Melissa Dilley

Students dressed as “sweet transvestite(s) from transsexual Transylvania,” along with other characters from the cult classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” will take over the Rathskeller tonight at midnight.

The All Campus Programming Board is showing the movie for the third year in a row, and although the “transvestites” are just in costumes, someone watching may never know the difference.

ACPB programmer Doug Hite said students get so caught up in the role that they act out the part along with the movie.

To cater to those who prefer to get involved and maybe to those who left their glitter and singing voices at home, Hite said they have added a new aspect for the third annual showing.

Programmers will be carrying around a “grab bag” for viewers who want to participate. Hite said he did not want to give away too much about what might be in the bag, but he did say there would be props to help viewers get more into character.

While Hite recommends dressing up, those who don’t are just as welcome.

“It’s sort of like Halloween. You don’t have to wear a costume to enjoy Halloween, but it’s definitely a lot more interesting if you are,” Hite said. “‘Rocky Horror’ is about crowd participation. This isn’t a normal movie viewing. Enjoyment at the show depends almost purely upon a viewer’s willingness to participate.”

Before the showing, Zou, a local band, will be performing; however, they don’t plan on singing any of their original music. The band will gear their performance to the event by only singing songs from the movie’s soundtrack, Hite said.

The movie begins at midnight and is free for students.

– Melissa Dilley