USG schedules upcoming events

Nicole Stempak

Former presidential adviser will visit later this month to talk politics

It’s back to business for Undergraduate Student Government following Tuesday’s concert. USG will now focus on Meet the Deans Week and a guest lecturer for the third week of October.

Sean Mostov, director of academic affairs, announced the dates for students in five colleges to meet their deans. Mostov is working with Emily Kiracofe, director of student involvement, to schedule the remaining colleges.

Executive director Jonathan Bey said he thinks USG’s expansion will help to improve student attendance at these events.

“With Emily and Sean working on it from a director’s end and each senator working on it, I hope promoting it won’t be a problem,” he said, adding that the College of Education, Health and Human Services reported no students attended the event last year.

This year, Mostov said he wants to target underclassmen and exploratory majors.

“My goal is to show the students a different side of college, just not, ‘You have to be a teacher. You have to be a police officer. You have to be a nurse,'” he said. “There’s other things in this university.”

In addition to college deans, USG is also preparing for guest lecturer Dick Morris. Morris served as an adviser to former President Bill Clinton.

USG is collaborating with the Center for Student Involvement for a guest lecture series, Bey said. He said he hopes to bring a second lecturer in the spring.

The idea was to bring someone who was educational but still thought-provoking, Bey said.

“For me, bringing a political speaker was a no-brainer,” he said. “There’s very few people more qualified to talk about politics and the election than Dick Morris.”

Morris will speak at 7 p.m. Oct. 20 in the Kiva. Admission is free.

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