Sex toys focus of Sextoberfest event

Cody Francis

Passion Parties speaker uses products to teach students

Credit: DKS Editors

Warming lotions, relationship books, candles and even a couple of dildos lined a table in front of Valeah Kennedy, last night’s Sextoberfest speaker in the Rathskeller.

Kennedy, an employee of Passion Parties, used the products to teach women, and a few men, about their bodies.

“Tonight we will learn how to love our bodies and learn about our bodies at the same time,” Kennedy said.

Catherine Boggs, freshman secondary education major, said she attended the event because it was not “your everyday program.”

“It’s a different kind of venture,” she said. “It’s a new experience, and it’s not something you would see in high school. Also, there are sex toys.”

Kennedy used an abundance of sex products to show the crowd how to please themselves and their partners. She pulled out a DVD about erotic massages for the crowd to see.

“I’m going to tell you something: This DVD will show you how to give a great handjob,” Kennedy said.She then picked up a sexual positions manual to show her audience.

“Not only does this manual show you a ton of great positions, it will appeal to both you and your partner because it has color pictures,” said Kennedy as she held up the open book to a laughing audience.

Kennedy gave advice to women on how to get aroused and why men get aroused easier than women.

“Men and women operate very different because men are very visual, so it is easier for them,” she said. “Women get aroused easier when they are relaxed and their brain is not at work.”

She showed the women her stock of products that will help them relax, including a candle that can be used for hot massages and a warming lotion to be used by their partners to rub “downstairs.”

Kennedy also gave the crowd tips on ways to set the mood with their significant other. These included dirty text messages, “baby-making music,” poetry and pedicures.

Kennedy asked for a member of the crowd to help demonstrate the use of one of her products. A male volunteer stepped up to help and was handed a dildo to hold. He stood there with a straight face as she rubbed “Pure Satisfaction UniSEX Enhancement Gel” on the tip of the dildo, simulating the way the product was supposed to be used.

“This is for any of you who want to please your man,” Kennedy said. “Don’t listen if you are selfish like I am and don’t care about that.”

She raffled off various products, including the enhancement gel, throughout the show. All of her products were available for purchase after the show and can be purchased at

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