Lifeshare creates six scholarships from recent blood drive

Caleb Jenkins

The two-day Lifeshare blood drive ended Wednesday after 224 people showed up ready to donate.

“We collected 242 units of blood which turned into six $500 scholarships,” said Diane Van Tilburg, donor recruitment representative for Lifeshare. Some donors gave more than one unit of blood. Any Kent State students who attempted to donate blood are eligible to apply for these scholarships. The next Lifeshare blood drive is scheduled for Nov. 4 and 5 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and more scholarships will be created.

James Elwell, nurse volunteer at the blood drive, said Tuesday’s rainy weather may have influenced the total number of donors.

All donors went through a short process before giving blood, and eventually received either a Lifeshare T-shirt or Chipotle gift card for their efforts.

“About 60 percent chose the Chipotle and 40 percent chose the T-shirt,” Tilburg said.

Kristen Chappel, senior zoology and English major and first-time donor, said she was anxious about donating blood, but the nursing staff eased her nerves.

“It was a lot less clinical than I thought it would be (inside the bus), and the staff was very personable,” Chappel said.

Tilburg said most people don’t donate because they are afraid of needles.

“If you can extend your arm and pinch, that’s no worse than giving blood,” Tilburg said.

Tilburg added she would like to work with Kent State art and business majors on designing handouts and signs and assisting with marketing for future blood drives.

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