A dream gets its moment

Regina Garcia Cano

Barack Obama accepts Democratic nomination

Gavin Jackson | Daily Kent Stater

Credit: DKS Editors

Halim El-Dabh, university professor in music, witnessed Martin Luther King Jr. deliver a speech at the National Mall. Forty-five years later, he believes King’s dream will come true.

Last night, after Barack Obama accepted his Democratic nomination for president, El-Dabh drew a parallel between both speeches and dreams.

“The connection was that the respect to the human value and spirit … the preamble of the American Constitution that all people are created equal,” he said.

El-Dabh said he believes Obama’s speech demonstrated that he can restore the American dream.

“I can see Obama is capable of achieving it,” he said. “The real dream is that the respect to human dignity will make America to take care of their own children, their education and the dignity and the spirit of the human beings after it completes itself in America, beyond the borders of America.”

&mdash Regina Garcia Cano