Arts week will give students a chance to relax

Brittany Moseley

Verder Hall programs to run through Saturday

This week students can take a study break to learn how to quilt, throw paint at a wall and drop eggs out of a window.

Verder Hall’s Living Arts Week starts at 8 p.m. today and ends Saturday. Students can participate in a different art program each day, ending with Soundfest. The event will feature karaoke, local bands, games and face painting. Verder RHD Molly West called Soundfest “our version of Woodstock.”

Verder RA Wesley Fisher said Soundfest is a way for students to relax and take a break from school work.

“I know we have final exams coming up soon, so it’s just a way to relieve some stress, listen to music and hang out,” Fisher said.

All the programs are open to everyone, but Rachael Novak, one of Verder’s three artists in residence, said Soundfest always has the best turnout.

“Everyone who lives in Verder or has lived here comes back (for Soundfest),” Novak said.

Students can also buy Living Arts Week T-shirts for $3 all week. The shirts will be used for tie dying during Soundfest. Novak and fellow Verder artist in residence Scott Kreider are screenprinting the T-shirts themselves. Not only does it cut back on cost, but each shirt is a little different.

Some of the week’s events are old favorites like the gallery show and the egg drop. Students will make a structure that must protect an egg from a drop out of a fourth floor window. Last year, the event got a little messy when people outside began throwing the eggs back up. Still, it’s a popular event.

“Even people who aren’t involved in architecture want to throw eggs out the window,” Novak said.

One of the new events is quilting, led by RA Jennifer Rentz. Everyone will make their own square, and then Rentz will sew them together. The quilt will be displayed at Wednesday’s gallery show.

“Just be creative,” Rentz said. “Everybody can get a square of fabric and they can paint on it, or sew on it.”

The events during the week usually attract only Verder residents, but the Verder staff encouraged everyone to attend, whether they are art people or not.

“Arts is always the first program to be cut,” West said. “Our community has made an intentional effort to make sure that the arts are still celebrated.”

Verder RA Justin Gantz said Living Arts Week separates Verder from other halls.

“Since it is an art community, you have obviously a lot of artistic people, and it’s what kind of differs between Verder and other residence halls,” Gantz said. “It’s kind of a chance for Verder to go public and show the uniqueness and different aspects of Verder.”

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