USS holds final meeting before transition to USG

Jenna Staul

The Undergraduate Student Senate met for the last time under their former moniker yesterday before next week’s official change to Undergraduate Student Government.

The group tabled votes on the Allocation Committee Guidelines as well as votes on the Allocation Committee and Programming Committee members. The votes will take place at next week’s first USG meeting.

Executive Director Katie Hale read a letter from Pete Goldsmith, vice president for enrollment, management and student affairs, about the recent events at the Tri-Towers Rotunda.

“It’s really unfortunate that some people have to ruin it for everybody,” Hale said. “But I applaud them (the university) for its efforts to take care of the situation.”

Hale also said she has met with many of the new members of USG in recent weeks to help with the organization’s transition.

“I’m going to miss it, but what can you do?” Hale said. “I’m really excited to graduate and begin the next chapter of my life.”

-Jenna Staul