Kent State offers more to out-of-state students

Kim Brown

Tuition surcharge for these students can be offset by financial aid

Money and scholarships. They’re wanted, earned and spent.

The two go hand-in-hand, and in many ways, Kent State helps students find what they need to afford college. For out-of-state students, there is extra incentive for coming to Ohio and attending Kent State.

The university offers scholarship merit to any incoming and transfer student. However, out-of-state students receive an additional charge compared to in-state tuition. This out-of-state surcharge is often balanced through scholarship aid.

Pete Goldsmith, vice president for enrollment, management and student affairs, said Kent State wants to continue the march toward increasing enrollment and out-of-state student diversity. Student scholarships are a part of this process.

“It’s been a rising interest to try to bring additional out-of-state students for diversity and complexity of people coming from different parts of the country and bringing different ideas and strengths,” said Conni Dubick, associate director of student financial aid.

Dubick said scholarship assistance applies to out-of-state and incoming freshmen but also any current Kent State student.

Two particular awards often presented to out-of-state students are the University Award and President’s Scholarship.

Dubick said the University Award now includes all non-Ohio students in any state who meet the set grade point average. The President’s Scholarship is awarded to out-of-state students based on merit and covers the entire out-of-state waiver. The University Award covers half of the tuition surcharge.

“Out-of-state students are certainly attended to with the University Award and President’s Scholarship, and those students are part of the group that we look at in terms of other scholarships,” she said.

Dubick said out-of-state students are also eligible for any Kent State scholarships, such as the Trustee Scholarship, General Founders Scholarship and the Access Scholarship. She said the scholarships help equalize the tuition payment in comparison to the Ohio residential fee and make it more affordable for families.

The University Award originally developed to award five non-Ohio states has grown to include all 50 states. The President’s Scholarship recognizes the merit of those out-of-state students.

Out-of-state students are also an added benefit for Kent State’s drive to increase enrollment, retention and diversity.

“They add diversity to the university, bringing in new ideas and making it a richer place,” Provost Robert Frank said. “We don’t think out-of-state students are going to be a big chunk of Kent State. Kent State will continue to be an Ohio university, but it adds to diversity.”

Frank said the number of Ohio students is decreasing as classes continue to graduate and increasing the amount of non-Ohio residents balances this decrease.

Goldsmith said scholarships add to student incentive to choose Kent State and figure out what kinds of students are more likely to attend the university.

“You have to decide where to put your money to attract students who are most likely to come,” he said. “This may change over time, but you really build from your strength.”

Dubick said another strength of increasing student enrollment and especially out-of-state enrollment is because of Kent State’s technology improvement as a way to reach out to students.

“Now between Web use and e-mail and personal conversation, I think we’re able to work more efficiently and effectively with families,” she said.

She said the Web development in admissions and financial aid have been more convenient for out-of-state families.

Scholarship awards help whether for in-state or out-of-state students and continue to add to the increased enrollment.

University Award

• Who is eligible: incoming freshman or new transfer students for students who are permanent residents of a U.S. state outside of Ohio and not eligible for in-state tuition

• How much: awarded $3,700 per year ($1,850 per semester) — covers half of the out-of-state surcharge

• Requisites: Students must maintain continuous full-time enrollment and a 2.25 cumulative Kent State GPA to renew the award, incoming freshmen must have a cumulative high school GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale OR a 21 composite ACT score or a 980 combined critical reading and math score

• Can receive award for a total of eight semesters, transfer students can receive award for a total of seven semesters

• Automatically considered upon application

President’s Scholarship

• Who is eligible: out-of-state incoming freshmen

• How much: awarded $7,432 per year ($3716 per semester) — covers entire out-of-state surcharge

• Requisites: selection based on GPA, ACT/SAT scores

• Renewable

• Automatically considered by filling out form

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