Preparation is key for less stressful time in airports

Nick Walton

Alan Groudle, senior visual communications and design major, was trying to go through security at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport over winter break when he was stopped by security.

The metal detectors had gone off because he forgot to remove his belt.

“That was very nerve-wracking because there was a lot people in line behind you,” Groudle said.

Even for people who have traveled via airplane before, forgetting certain procedures or regulations can make flying a difficult experience.

Knowing what one can and cannot bring can help make flying a little less stressful. Preparing the correct way will also save time when going through security.

Doug Koman, a local Transportation Security Administration spokesman, said that good time management is crucial.

“(Travelers) need to give themselves time to arrive at the airport,” Koman said. “You don’t know about parking, whether your flight has been delayed, or if other flights have been delayed.”

According to the TSA Web site, travelers are allowed to carry on one quart-sized clear plastic bag, but only certain items may be placed in the bag. All liquids, gels and aerosols must be in quantities of 3 ounces or less bottles in the bag.

Travelers who need to carry on a larger amount are required to show these items at the checkpoint, the Web site said.

Koman also recommended that passengers bring a second clear bag to place personal items in such as wallets, cell phones or watches, instead of leaving these items in the bowl that security has travelers place items in.

“People are usually in a hurry and forget their personal items,” Koman said.

The TSA’s Web site said travelers are allowed to pack beverages brought from home in a carry-on bag, but they too must be less than 3 ounces.

Travelers need to also make sure that they have the proper photo identification and boarding pass ready to save time and should also be prepared to remove their coats and shoes.

Freshman zoology major Kyle Speck recommended that people bring something to occupy time during the flight, such as an iPod.

Koman said that if you are unsure if you can bring an item through the checkpoint, place it in your checked bag, or leave it at home. For a comprehensive list of prohibited items and procedures, visit the TSA’s Web site at

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