Architecture lecture series to bring 3D sculptor to Michael Schwartz tonight

Kelsey Henninger

The man who performs “book autopsies” to create art will speak at 7:30 p.m tonight in the Michael Schwartz Center.

Sculptor Brian Dettmer carves away layers of text to create a new image. He unveils photos, words and phrases from the book, to create a different story than the author originally intended.

The American Institute of Architecture Students Spring Lecture series is bringing Dettmer to Kent State in hopes of broadening interest outside of the architecture department.

Jacob Chandler, president of AIAS, said there is a shock factor when viewing Dettmer’s work.

“The first time you see it you wonder how he does it, and you want to see more,” said Kelly Provot, co-organizer of the lecture series.

“He takes a two dimensional object and makes it 3D,” Rachel Schad, co-organizer of the spring lecture series, said.

His ability to think in layers relates to architecture, and the art of his pieces attract more designers, the three coordinators said.

Dettmer’s artist statement says media like old books, records, tapes and maps are displayed as decorations or trophies of nostalgic memories. He prefers to take a fresh approach to the memorabilia. For example, he has taken cassette tapes and created a ram’s skull.

– Kelsey Henninger