Text message alerts direct recipients to Web site for cancellation updates

Kiera Manion-Fischer

Only one FlashLine e-mail sent about classes

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A text message informed students at about 5:40 a.m. that classes were canceled at Kent State’s main campus until noon.

At about 9:30 a.m., afternoon and evening classes were also canceled, but no text message was sent. No additional FlashLine e-mail was sent either.

Scott Rainone, assistant director for media relations, said he got feedback from students when the FlashAlert service was first set up and that most people didn’t want to receive a large number of messages because they have to pay for them.

“The administration decided to only send one message when there’s a closing,” he said. “It doesn’t matter what campus.”

Rainone said if there is a weather-related cancellation, regardless of which campus it affects, one text message is sent to all FlashAlert subscribers. That message advises them to check the Web site for any further closing information at www.kent.edu/advisory. Additional text messages will not be sent.

“That way people aren’t getting a ton of stuff,” he said. “It drives them back to the Web site.”

Some students, however, would like to get additional text messages if more classes are canceled.

Freshman exploratory major Maria Mascio found out about the class cancellation when her phone woke her up.

“I wish that they would text you again to say that later classes were canceled,” she said.

Michelle Huffman, sophomore interior design major, said she didn’t check her phone in the morning, but found out from her bus driver.

“I assumed he meant all day,” she said.

She said she would prefer to get text messages rather than e-mails and didn’t check the Web site.

Mascio said she liked the convenience of the FlashAlert. She didn’t look at the Web site but found out from someone else that afternoon and evening classes were canceled.

“It would also be nice if they only e-mailed you about classes on your own campus,” she said.

After classes were canceled two weeks ago, Rainone said this may be changed in the future.

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