From one Greek to all: Let’s get it together

T. Michael Trimm

Dear Editor:

As a Greek and a college student who happens to work in an establishment that is continually trashed by drunk college-age kids, I am in agreement with most of Beth’s comments in her “Taking responsibility for your actions” piece.

I am sick and tired of coming into work on Thursday night only to be bombarded with irresponsible, disrespectful, messy, drunk Kent State students. And to those who do it while wearing their Greek letters, shame on you for degrading your sacred brotherhoods and sisterhoods with your foul behavior.

I am 21 years old, and I enjoy an occasional alcoholic beverage. I, however, do not trash my neighborhood, burn trash bins and furniture, berate and belittle people whose job it is to serve me or make a mockery of myself, my university and my fraternity.

We all want to be treated as adults, so let’s act like adults. It is a shame that someone almost lost their life while trying to enjoy a Halloween party. It is a shame that I cannot make a delivery down East College Avenue without someone’s couch being in the middle of the sidewalk or street, filling the air with a stench of freshly burnt cotton and polyester. It is a shame that I have to be harassed by Kent Police because I am a Kent State student, and therefore, they assume that I am up to no good.

Let’s get it together.

T. Michael Trimm

PRIDE!Kent programming chair