Campus residents aren’t helping

Rachael Grech Haning

Letter to the editor

Dear Editorial Board:

As a recent Kent State alumna who has moved several states away, I occasionally enjoy reading the Daily Kent Stater online. Imagine my surprise when I read your “Heads-up, 7-up” article. A two-year veteran of the RA position, I think your overly critical view of the residence services department is a highly simplified judgment of the situation.

I know for a fact that incoming freshman need special handling. They are in a new situation, and if you don’t want to be treated like a first-grader, then tell your mother your grades so they don’t have to call the residence hall director to find out if you are OK. For the upperclassmen, if you want programs that help your “experience in the residence halls” then tell your RA! There is not a good RA on campus that would not appreciate the input from their residents. You suggest a survey: great idea. Convince the residents to be “adult” enough to answer it. Community retention is an important issue, and by making fun of those “ill-timed pizza parties,” you are negating the efforts of every RA on campus who spends days, and sometimes weeks, putting on programs that they believe will benefit their specific community.

Of course, there are RAs who do not do their jobs competently. There are those in every organization. (I dare say I remember some past editorial staffs that were less than impressive in some areas.) Besides, if you all have the best plans for the residence halls, join the process. I believe Residence Services is always in serious need of people who are willing to put in long hours to help a floor full of anxious (and sometimes reluctant) residents succeed another year.

Rachael Grech Haning,

2007 Kent State education alumna