City Council meeting starts up new monthly schedule last night

Cory Smith

Kent City Council met last night for the first time under its new schedule – meeting on the third Wednesday of every month instead of twice a month. When the hour-long meeting ended, “that was fast” echoed throughout the group.

The meeting schedule is new for most, except for Tracy Wallach, Heidi Shaffer and Jack Amrhein. All are serving for the first time on the City Council.

Amrhein serves as vice chairman of the Health and Public Safety Committee under Councilman John Kuhar, who chairs the committee. Shaffer serves as vice chairwoman of the Land Use Committee beside Councilman Garret Ferrara, who chairs the committee. Wallach serves as vice chairwoman of the Streets, Sidewalks and Utilities Committee with Councilman Mike DeLeone.

Old and newer members to the City Council approved new hirings to groups ranging from the Board of Health to the Storm Water District Review and Appeals Board.

Council passed an ordinance to finalize an agreement between the city of Kent and the Ohio Department of Transportation to extend the Hike and Bike trail around Middlebury Road Bridge to Fred Fuller Park. The city of Kent will serve as the project manager during the construction phase of the project. The Engineering Division is prepared to manage the project if the city is under contract by early this summer.

In a continuing effort to secure real estate property for the construction of the new bridge located near Crain Avenue and Fairchild Avenue, the City Council acquired more than 6,000 square feet for approximately $7,000.

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