Students thrill Eastway plaza

Katelyn Luysterborg

Todd Williams, freshman business major, leads a group of students while they learn the “Thriller” dance, in the Eastway Cafe yesterday. HEATHER STAWICKI | DAILY KENT STATER

Credit: DKS Editors

In the spirit of Halloween, students learned the dance moves to Michael Jackson’s, “Thriller” in Eastway last night.

With the same precision as Jackson, freshman business major Todd Williams, who learned the dance two summers ago, demonstrated the moves to the classic dance.

Students and faculty watched the music video while Williams explained the dance step-by-step.

“Classic Michael move right there,” Williams said as he demonstrated the crotch-grabbing pelvic thrust that Jackson made famous.

The crowd cheered when freshman computer science major Andrew Linebarger showed up dressed as Jackson. Linebarger made a brief appearance in orange “Thriller” gear and danced with Williams and the group.

Giggling and laughing, the 10 students jumbled their way through the complicated dance but got the hang of it in the end. The group performed the dance in front of the music video.

“I didn’t realize there was a lot of steps,” freshman chemistry major Sharla Allen said. “I had fun learning them.”

Although the group didn’t break the world record for “Thriller” dancing, Autumn Piller, director of marketing for dining services, deemed the event a success.

“I want to thank everyone who participated,” Piller said, “and to those who laughed – you are just jealous.”

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