Police report: Mace or pepper spray not used at Sigma Nu

Andrew Schiller

No Kent City Police officers entered the Sigma Nu Annex or shot Mace or pepper pellets into the house on Oct. 28, according to a report by Kent Police Chief James Peach.

The city has confirmed the FBI is conducting an investigation into events that took place that evening on University Drive, said Greg Jarvie, associate vice president and dean of students.

That night, the Sigma Nu Annex, located at 131 University Drive, was identified as having one of the “largest and most unruly parties,” Peach said in the report. After officers were struck with bottles thrown by partygoers, officers shut down the two biggest parties on the street in an attempt to restore order.

“Lt. (Ray) Stein’s team encountered people outside the house and on the front porch, advising them to leave the house and area,” Peach said in the report.

Several people ran into the house and closed the door, and officers knocked on the front door many times, telling everyone the party needed to end. Although officers saw people inside the house looking out at them, no one answered the door.

“Officers then went to the back door and knocked with the same declaration,” Peach said in the report. “The back door swung open and Lt. Stein announced that the party was over and everyone had to leave.”

No occupants came to the back door, and the officers left the location, ultimately deciding to monitor the house instead because it was no longer in violation of the nuisance ordinance.

The team of officers returned to the annex about 20 to 30 minutes later. Upon a second visit, police saw people in the yard and on the porch again. They went into the house and closed the door a second time. And once again no one answered the door when the police knocked. This led to police taking no further action at the residence.

According to the report, a pepper-pellet gun was used at 126 University Drive and struck the house with eight or nine pepper pellets. The gun was specifically fired above the crowd to avoid striking anyone, and this was the only time a pepper-pellet gun was fired Oct. 28.

Sigma Nu President Jake Myers could not be reached for comment. Lt. Stein could not be reached for comment.

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