Absorption of ACPB discussed by USS

Kelly Pickerel

Members of All-Campus Programming Board attended yesterday’s Undergraduate Student Senate meeting to brainstorm plans for when next year’s student government absorbs the board.

“We value and respect what you have to say,” Executive Director Katie Hale said to ACPB. “We want you involved in the process.”

USS has begun work on the new Undergraduate Student Government bylaws concerning new positions. One of those positions will be a director for programming that will perform tasks usually slated to ACPB.

Last spring, the student body voted and allowed the student government to absorb ACPB, eliminating the different chairs already established.

“ACPB has made lots of progress,” said Doug Hite, concerts chair. “Getting rid of it – you’re getting rid of all these advantages we have.”

Hale said there’s no way around it.

“It was on the referendum,” she said. “We’d appreciate your cooperation to ensure the best programming as possible.”

The most successful talk between the two groups was concerning committees underneath the Director for Programming Position.

Both sides agreed committees working in areas such as concerts, publicity and other programming, could work separately under the one position in the USG.

No bylaw guidelines were established, but Hale told the ACPB their input will help the senators extensively. Bylaw presentations will begin at next week’s meeting.

Kali Price, senator for academic affairs, will present the guidelines for the 10 senators representing each college, and Jonathan Bey, senator for community affairs, has the plans for the on-campus

students senator.

The senator positions for off-campus students, non-traditional students, international students and diversity will be presented in future weeks.

USS meetings are at 4 p.m. Wednesdays in the Student Center Governance Chambers.

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