Fun foods on the fly

Hillary Craig

A few tips to muster some microwavable magic

College students and pizza seem to go together like PB&J – it would be hard to imagine one without the other. With the restrictions of a microwave and a fridge in most residence halls, it’s difficult to find an alternative to fast food and carryout.

Freshman communication studies major Elizabeth Koontz explained that the only foods she eats in her Stopher Hall residence room are microwaveable dinners.

“I like to get carryout and eat in the Hub because they are ‘real’ dinners,” she said. “I haven’t really discovered anything that’s not pre-packaged that you can make in the microwave.”

Elizabeth is not alone. Many on-campus students survive on carryout and pizza. But, there are companies that provide quick, easy solutions to this dining dilemma – one of them being Tastefully Simple. Many of the company’s products only require one or two ingredients, such as the Asian Chive Dip Mix. Aside from the mix, mayonnaise and sour cream are required. To purchase Tastefully Simple products, go to or see a consultant.

Third-year architecture major Julie Koratich, said she normally eats microwaveable dinners such as Lean Cuisine.

“I am always in the studio, so the only thing I really have time to prepare is to throw something in the microwave in the lounge or in my room and run out the door,” she explained.

Students who tire of the same microwaveable meals available at on-campus stores and dining locations should check out The Everything College Cookbook by Rhonda Lauret Parkinson. This book contains 300 recipes, shopping tips, a list of good sources of nutrients and a glossary of cooking terms for beginners.

Another Web site to check out is Recipe Zaar, which lists more than 2,000 microwaveable dishes, including no-bake oatmeal cookies, chicken, potatoes, salmon, turkey and broccoli bake and peanut butter fudge.

With resources such as these, and a little, only being allowed a microwave will no longer prevent students from making gourmet dishes.

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