Letters to the editor

Sarah Wilson

Shaking things up with Colbert is exactly what the United States needs

Dear editor:

Why not vote Colbert in 2008? What’s stopping you? The DKS editorial board? They’re just as jaded as the rest of the American populous that believes you need experience in the field of political hardball to understand what is, in fact, good for Americans as a whole. I’m not quite sure I understand what is “not fine” about Colbert’s announcement to run for President. Is it because he’s a comedian? We’ve elected an actor before. Is it because he hasn’t chosen a party with which to run? Partisan politics is ripping this country apart at its seams. Is it because he has his own television show? Yes! That must be it – any American who makes his living creating political satire is surely unable to run our country as it stands today. Leave the jokes to President Bush.

As an American with my very own vote, I feel a little offended when someone tells me that when I cast a vote for my choice of candidate, who may or may not be Colbert, that it “may as well be writing in the name of (my) least favorite candidate.” People will vote when they want to vote, and they will vote for the candidate who most represents their ideals. This time, that candidate may just be someone new; however, this is “a scary idea” to some Americans, so let me quell your fears.

High school students, college students and recent graduates represent quite a chunk of the voting base here in America, yet we rarely turn out to vote. Statisticians can hem and haw over the various reasons as to our low turnout and never reach a consensus. When a candidate comes along that does mobilize the 18-24 year-old voters, suddenly it becomes a problem with the voters: We get our news from unreliable sources, we could care less what happens in the world, we’re not educated enough. Let’s observe it instead from the standpoint that there just might be a problem with the politics of this country instead of a problem with disenfranchised voters. Politics is all too often just recycled candidates from indistinguishable backgrounds, and that certainly doesn’t appeal to me. What appeals to me is a candidate that observes all sides, makes fun of all sides, and is being true to themselves through the whole process. Vote for your first choice, don’t vote at all, do whatever makes you happy – just don’t let people convince you that you’re making the wrong choice when you vote for your candidate.

Don’t blame the voters – voters are disenfranchised for a reason. “Shaking things up” is just the ticket for America, and the name on that ticket might just be Stephen T. Colbert.

Sarah Wilson

Junior Political Science Major