Cook on Chuck

Allan Lamb

Love him or hate him, comedian Dane Cook is in the spotlight and won’t be leaving it for a long time.

Best known for his outrageous stand-up routines, Cook, 35, has also had success in Hollywood playing supporting roles in comedies such as Mystery Men (1999), Waiting (2005) and the lead role in Employee of the Month (2006).

Cook recently discussed his upcoming feature Good Luck Chuck.

Q: “(Were) you were planning on doing anymore serious roles (like Mr. Brooks) or do you want to do an action movie or something like that”

A: “Sure. I have a script that I wrote some years ago that’s a big budget thriller . it’s something in the vein of like a Bad Boys or a Lethal Weapon that looks good to get off the ground, and certainly the success of Good Luck Chuck would not injure that possibility. “

Cook also announced he would return to stand-up with a “massive comedy tour” this fall.

When asked about what it was like working with Jessica Alba, Dane responded:

“I’d seen Jessica hosting the MTV Movie Awards . and we weren’t really having an easy go finding somebody. And when I saw her open the show with the King Kong skit, I knew we had our Cam Wexler.”

Then came a question I am sure has been on everyone’s mind:

Q: “I was just wondering . is there a quote or maybe part of your routine that people quote to you so much, that you’re now sick of it? And if so, what is it?”

A: “Never sick of it . I get e-mails all day, every day with, you know, people sign off with their favorite quote … That makes me feel like I have contributed to the fabric of somebody’s life for a minute . if I ever get sick of it, and I tell you I’m sick of it, punch me in the balls.”

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