Black Greek Council answers questions

Tracy Tucholski

The Black Greek Council held a co-ed information night to answer questions and introduce the Black Greek Council’s three sororities and three fraternities on campus.

Della Marie Marshall, adviser of the Black Greek Council, helped organize the event and spoke on behalf of the Greek representatives. At the event, she gave advice to the approximately 100 students in attendance.

“First impressions are lasting, ” Marshall said. “When you become a member of the organization, you become a member for life.”

She also said although Greeks don’t pledge freshmen into their organizations, students can begin learning about the different organizations in their first year.

Marshall said although the organizations had tables filled with cupcakes and brochures, students should discuss the aspects of the group.

“Don’t rely on a brochure,” Marshall said. “Go to the tables and meet people.”

Khary McCall, senior economics major and eight-year member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. said the best way to show your interest in a black sorority or fraternity is to do your research.

“Look into all organizations and do it for the right reasons,” McCall said. “Join one that suits you.”

It is a bad idea to want to join a sorority or fraternity because it throws good parties or has attractive members, he said.

Although the separate organizations showcase different colors and symbols, they all stand for the same goal – community.

Black Greek organizations were formed for a common purpose and they remain connected through their standards. They “uplift and build the black community,” McCall said.

The Black Greek Council hopes to educate people about the different ethnic organizations through info nights, president of the Black Greek Council D’Onna Stubblefield said.

The next Black Greek event is the Rubber City Stepshow & Dance Competition Saturday in Akron.

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