Film Society offers free movies and more

Allan Lamb

The International Film Society is already two films into their scheduled showings for the fall semester, but there is still time for students to get involved.

“It’s movies. It’s free. They can depend on that,” says IFS vice-president George Bartulica, sophomore architecture major.

IFS is a student organization that puts together a list of films to show on campus every semester. Half Nelson and Pan’s Labyrinth have already been shown, but Children of Men, Nightwatch, God of Cookery and The Chumscrubber are still to be shown.

“Every year we do a picks list,” Jason Wilhelm, IFS president and junior business management major, explained. “The last week of every semester we have a picks meeting.”

At the meeting, members of IFS and anyone who wants to be involved arrange a list of films to be shown throughout the semester.

“Every year, the selection reflects the people in the organization,” said Wilhelm. “We try to listen to anyone and everyone.”

As in years past, IFS plans to give away posters and other small prizes as rewards for answering movie trivia questions and other mini-contests. It also plans to hold a canned food drive during the semester, and raffle tickets will be given to attendees who bring canned goods for a chance at a free movie.

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