Mythbusters: Stater staff debunks college rumors

Summer Kent Stater staff

Expecting Van Wilder? Not quite. Stater staffers give incoming freshmen the lowdown on the biggest myths they’ve encountered throughout college, both about higher education in general and about Kent State.

• “(The biggest myth about Kent State is that it) isn’t a good or prestigious school. There are so many separate colleges at KSU that are known for how great they are – for example, the schools of nursing, journalism and mass communication, architecture, etc. Just because we don’t go to Harvard doesn’t mean we don’t go to a good school and that we shouldn’t be proud of it.”

– Kristina Deckert, sophomore (Design editor)

• “The little piece of paper called a degree you receive after hopefully four years at Kent State does not – brace yourself – guarantee you a job. Doing well in classes is important, but being involved in your major will enhance your resume much more than a 4.0.”

– Jackie Valley, sophomore (Columnist)

• “All the myths are true if you want them to be. You can never go to class, or you can be busy and find it will be difficult. It can be a breeze or a never-ending drinking binge. It can be the greatest experience of your life. College is what you make of it.”

– Kiera Manion-Fischer, sophomore (Reporter)

• “If you’re from the Akron area, you probably grew up thinking Kent State was just ‘the home school.’ You’ll be surprised to meet people from New York, Maryland, even California. This is not just a school for the hometown kids – soon, you’ll forget you’re anywhere near home.”

– Kate Bigam, senior (Forum editor)

• “The biggest myth is that teachers don’t care. If you make an effort and show them you’re doing everything you can to succeed, they’ll work with you.”

– Adam Griffiths, sophomore (Columnist)

• “I think the biggest myth is that you can still get straight A’s while partying all the time. For me, it was one or the other, but never both.”

-Sara Bennett, senior (Reporter)

• “College isn’t easy. Sometimes it is, but it won’t always be. The classes require work. Your major requires you to be passionate about your subject. You can not drift through Kent State and expect to accomplish your goals.”

– Doug Hite, junior (Columnist)

• “Every movie you’ve ever seen about college is mostly wrong, except Revenge of the Nerds. That was a documentary, and I can prove it.”

– Bob Mackey, graduate student (Columnist)

• “I have recently decided that college is purely what you make it out to be. A degree from Harvard is not better than one from Kent State. The only real difference between the schools is connectivity (who you know). Your Rolodex can always be improved.”

– Steven Bushong, senior (News editor)

• “The biggest misconception about college is that a one-size-fits all ‘college experience’ exists for everyone. College means different things to different people, and not everyone spends four years reenacting Animal House – but then again, some do.”

– Jenna Staul, sophomore (Columnist)

• “The biggest myth about Kent State is that it’s an ber-liberal campus filled with thousands of raging hippies who protest 24/7. In fact, that’s hardly true. From my perspective, it seems there are hardly any politically aware students on this campus, which is a mighty shame.”

– Tim Magaw, junior (Editor)

• “The biggest myth is that sex in college is easy. No, I’m kidding. Maybe it’s the widespread assumption that teaching in U.S. colleges is unconventional, a la the movie Dead Poets Society.”

– David Soler, PhD candidate (Columnist)