Kent offers fun for those under 21

Sarah McGrath

Although students who are under 21 can’t get in to most bars in Kent, there are still plenty of things to do on-campus and around the city – most within walking distance or along the PARTA bus routes.

The Brewhouse, a downtown bar for the 18-and-over crowd and the Student Center, located in the heart of campus are just two of the many places in Kent where students can go to meet up with friends and have a good time.

On-campus fun

• The Hub: Located on the first floor of the Student Center, the Hub has a variety of food options for students to choose from.

“The student center is a great place to go to meet up with friends between classes,” sophomore accounting major Danielle Bugara said.

• The Rathskeller: From karaoke to speed dating to Battle of the Bands, the Rathskeller is the only place on-campus that serves alcohol. Located in the lower level of the Student Center the “Rat” also includes Pete’s Arena pizza.

• The Eastway Bowling Lounge: Located in the Eastway Center, the Bowling Lounge has six lanes and charges customers $2 per game and $1 for shoe rental. The lounge also has pool tables and an arcade featuring games, such as Dance Dance Revolution.

• The Student Center Cyber Cafe: Located directly across from the Rathskeller, the Cyber Cafe is quieter than the Hub or the Rat. It’s a good place to go for group study sessions or hanging out in a relaxing environment. This area also includes Jazzman’s Caf‚, pool tables, Internet access and comfortable furniture for lounging.

Off-campus fun

• The Brewhouse: As the only Kent bar that admits people who are 18 and over, The Brewhouse is a popular hangout among underage students. Located on North Water Street in downtown Kent, the bar has a $5 cover charge on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights for anyone under 21. The other nights are free.

“I love to go to the Brewhouse,” said Sarah McCourt, a 20-year-old junior business major. “It gives me a chance to go to a bar I can get into and hang out with my older friends.”

• Firefly Lounge: A hookah bar located on South Water Street, the Firefly Lounge offers a relaxing atmosphere for anyone over 18. It costs $9.95 plus the price of a drink to smoke a hookah at Firefly.

• Starbucks and Susan’s Coffee and Tea: These coffee houses are located on East Main Street near campus. They both have outdoor patios and plenty of seating to accommodate students who want to study between classes or meet up with friends for coffee.

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