ResNet offers support when battling computer viruses

Sara Hoffman

Credit: DKS Editors

Viruses, spyware and other malicious programs can be a threat to the security and functionality of a computer if its user is not careful.

Kent State students need to be aware of how to protect their computers from these cyber threats.

According to ResNet’s Web site, a virus “is any malicious piece of software that is installed on your computer without your knowledge and which spreads to other computers, usually through a computer network. Viruses can range from irritating to incredibly destructive.”

“They don’t often actually delete files,” said Ben Lukens, graduate assistant at ResNet, Kent State’s technical support for students. “Their only motivation is to spread.”

While there are viruses that delete files, Lukens said they are rare.

Students can avoid these programs through anti-virus software. Kent State provides a free version of McAfee anti-virus for students, and it is required for all computers accessing the Internet on campus.

“Always keep your anti-virus up to date,” Lukens said.

He also recommends never opening a program received in an e-mail or opening links from friends without asking them what it is first.

Despite precautions, sometimes viruses still get in.

When confronted with viruses on campus, students can bring their computers to ResNet for removal. Virus removal is free provided the university-issued McAfee software is installed.

Off-campus students still have access to the university issued anti-virus software.

“They can do a scan themselves,” Lukens said. “If they’re lucky, it’ll get rid of it.”

Off-campus students can also bring their computer to ResNet. If they do not have the university anti-virus software, a $40 charge applies.

Apple users have less reason to be worried.

“(A virus infecting a Mac) tends to be a non-issue,” Lukens said.

The university, however, does provide McAfee for Mac users.

On its Web site, ResNet provides links for free downloads of various types of software to keep students’ computers running well, including spyware removal software such as Microsoft Windows Defender, Spybot and Ad-Aware.

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