Kent State’s fashion school ranks top 10 in U.S.

Kayla Polansky Reporter

Kent State’s School of Fashion Design and Merchandising programs ranked top 10 in the U.S. on

The fashion design program ranked No.1 in the Midwest while also ranking No. 8 in the U.S.. The fashion merchandising program also ranked No. 2 in the Midwest and No. 10 in the country.

The school also ranked No. 4 on the “Top 20 Public Fashion Merchandising Schools in the U.S.” for both programs combined. 

Both programs have moved up significantly in each sector since the 2020 rankings. The fashion merchandising program has moved up four spots in the U.S. and one spot in the Midwest. The Fashion Design program has remained No. 1 in the Midwest and has moved up two spots at the national level.

The ranking is calculated based on different factors such as school admission data, graduation success and reputation. 

Marji Wachowiak, associate lecturer at the School of Fashion Design and Merchandising, said that the school’s rankings prove that hard work pays off.  

“We continue to work very hard to keep the program updated and relevant,” Wachowiak said. “I think being acknowledged in the rankings shows that others see it the same way.”

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