VD earns postseason bid with wins in last two games

VD was on the brink of elimination entering their make up games on Sunday. After losing game one to BAMF, 4-5, the team’s hopes were getting low. VD needed to win their next two games to make the postseason or this venereal disease would have been terminated.

After a few innings of defensive struggle, VD was losing all hope. After being down, 5-0, going into the fifth and final inning, VD decided it was time for a change. So they brought in the swings of three girls, Kirby “The Vacuum” Dreher, Brittany Belko and Abby Kruszynski.

VD ripped off their protection and decided to show what they were made of.

After getting a few runs on some walks and some solid hits, VD was down by one. Kruszynski hit a strike to left field scoring the tying run. Brittany Belko was then walked, loading the bases for Steve “The Monster” McCann.

With a 2-2 count, McCann hit a strike to the outfield, bringing in Mike Prinz for the game-winning run, making the final score 6-5. With this win VD gained the confidence to win their next game and grab a postseason spot for the co-rec league.

– Ryan O’Donnell, Team VD captain