Adding a little bit of spice

Meredith Compton

Even the best relationships can get dull sometimes, but finding new things to do is easier than you think

There comes a time when crashing on the couch to watch The Notebook together for the sixth time just isn’t fun anymore. Going out to eat together lost its luster a few months ago. Meticulous searches for some other new activity to participate in turn out fruitless.

The relationship has officially hit a dull patch. It’s time to find some fresh and creative ideas for things both people in the relationship can enjoy.

Heather Anderson, sophomore nursing major at the Stark Campus, said she and her fianc‚e enjoy participating in fun – and free – activities.

“We really like playing catch in the yard,” she said. “We also go to different coffee houses and listen to up-and-coming musicians. The University of Akron hosts concerts at their Starbucks in the student union there.”

Junior music major Becky Baker said she and her boyfriend set aside exclusive days to spend together.

“We have this thing we like to do which is ‘your day,'” she said. “It’s where you or your partner start off and you have an entire day just to do whatever they want to do. It can be something fun, sporty, romantic, anything you want. Then the next time it’s your turn and they do whatever you want for a day.”

Chris Selzer, sophomore electronic media production major, said he and his girlfriend like to spend time learning more about each other.

“For any relationship, especially a new one, get one of those e-mail surveys with a lot of personal questions and fill it out for each other,” he said. “It can bring up a lot of good discussion and help you learn a lot about your partner. My girlfriend and I just did that and even after a year and a half, we still can learn a lot about each other.”

Some other simple ideas to spice up a dull relationship:

• Visit a new place. Depending upon your transportation abilities, this can involve driving to a new city or simply walking to a park close to campus.

• Try different cuisine. Go to a new restaurant, pick up something new at the grocery store or cook something of your own invention. Who knows, you may even find a new favorite.

• Create an at-home spa. Fill up the tub for a hot bubble bath, get some massage oil, light some candles and treat that special someone to some relaxation.

• Dance! Put some fun songs on the stereo and dance around the room. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, sign up for a ballroom or swing class.

• Go on a picnic. Pack up some sandwiches and fruit, find a scenic place and enjoy each other’s company.

• Be spontaneous. Star-gazing at 2 a.m. may sound cheesy, but it beats another round of Mario Cart.

A final fun, albeit fattening, idea, courtesy of junior fashion merchandising major Ashley Ruch and her boyfriend:

“The one thing that we did last summer which I loved was we went to every single ice cream shop that we could find, even if we were in a different city,” she said. “We had about 12 different ice creams shops in a couple months.”

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