Tarot card readings reveal past, present and future

Christina Stavale

Students had a chance to find out more about their lives through tarot card reader Alexsandria Wilson, who revealed students’ past, present and future at FlashFest yesterday.

But students had mixed reactions about her accuracy.

Waiting in line, Nicole Wagner, sophomore fashion merchandising major, said she wasn’t expecting her tarot card readings to be accurate, but “it would be cool if it’s right.”

After getting her cards read, she said everything wasn’t exactly right.

However, a group of four girls asking about their love lives had a different experience.

“She was right on with me,” freshman education major Erin Wittstock said.

Her friend agreed.

“(What she said) fits where we all are,” said Stephanie Johnstone, freshman broadcast journalism major.

Johnstone said she thought the accuracy was surprising because the process of Wilson turning over four cards seemed random.

Wilson said she normally does not talk to students, so the topics she discussed were a bit different than usual. She said the most common topics were school and love.

— Christina Stavale